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Your Real Estate Agent and Finances

iStock Sold-webLet’s be honest, money is a sensitive issue. How much we earn and how much we owe is information we prefer to keep to ourselves. So, what do you do when you are ready to buy a home or condo for sale in Destin? And, how much does your real estate agent really need to know to get the job done?

Truth be told, you have nothing to worry about. Just like with a doctor or lawyer, your relationship with your agent is vested in privacy, finances included. Do not feel as though you have to disclose everything about your money, just enough so that he or she understands your situation and can help you find a home within you budget.

A good real estate agent is there to help negotiate a home purchase on your behalf. They will look into home values and neighborhood features but home financing is a different alley that can be left to your lender.

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