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You Might Really LIKE a Natural Swimming Pool!

Here in northwest Florida, a lot of home owners tend to take their easy access to swimming pools for granted. The weather is great for enjoying a dip virtually any day of the year. But when you think of a backyard pool, what’s the image that comes to mind? For most of us, it’s a sterile, bright blue, rectangular zone redolent of chlorine.

Throughout Europe, swimmers enjoy natural swimming pools, designed with filtration systems that don’t require chemicals for safe (and clean) swimming. shows that home pools can be just as beautiful (if not even more) as the traditional chlorinated American pool.

And they’re more readily accepted by folks who grew up swimming in lakes and rivers.

There aren’t a lot of natural pool installers here in America – yet. But that may be changing; Mick Hilleary of Total Habitat in Bonner Springs, KS, says that his business is absolutely booming. He regularly flies all over the country to consult on and manage natural pool installations.

If you’re thinking about installing a swimming pool on your property, a natural pool offers chemical-free swimming for about the same cost to build as a chlorine pool. Ongoing maintenance costs are negligible, compared with the $300 to $600 per year required of a chlorinated pool, and there aren’t any filters to change.

If you’d like to know more, check out Total Habitat’s downloadable ebook, Natural Swimming Pools/Ponds — The Total Guide. Or visit the websites of some of Europe’s outstanding natural pool builders.

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