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World’s Luckiest Fishing Village

Do you own real estate in Northwest Florida? Then you probably know Destin is called the ‘World’s Luckiest Fishing Village’ and for good reason. Well, it has also been named as one Florida’s best places to get on the water and we couldn’t agree more!

Destin was named to the Florida Travel Life list because of the fantastic fishing in the area. Destin is definitely known for its seafood and deep sea fishing, including the annual spring and fall tournaments. All you need to do it take a stroll down the Destin Harbor and visit the fishing fleet to know just how much we love and depend on our fisherman.

Destin, however, is also a great spot to enjoy many water activities and sports. Enjoy the slow, leisurely pace of a paddle board or race along the sea aboard a dolphin cruise to take in our emerald water. Activities such as jet skiing and even parasailing wouldn’t be the same without the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. If you live along the beautiful Emerald Coast, be sure to head out this summer and enjoy one of the best spots along the coast and our terrific clear waters!

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