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What to Remember When Buying A Home

Whether you are buying your first home in Destin or getting ready to make your next of many investments there are some key real estate basics you need to keep in mind. As agents at RE/MAX Southern Realty we’ve seen it all and forgetting the little details can have major impacts on your buying experience.

Our first tip for successfully buying real estate? Put down the credit card! We know you’ve been frugal for years while preparing to throw down that down payment and are ready to make some purchases for your new home. Don’t forget, however, that your credit information will be verified before closing. Running up a credit card balance or opening new credit after your preapproval could affect your debt to income ratio and whether or not you can close on the home at all.

About those preapproval letters, it was issued based on the information you told your lender. Do everything possible to ensure it is correct and you know where your credit really stands. Lenders will investigate you and your finances thoroughly as they prepare to close, and again, you don’t want to be surprised.

Finally, remember that this process will take time. You didn’t think it only took 30 days, did you? Truthfully, it depends on the loan type selcted, any issues found with you or the home and so much more. Don’t worry, though, as experience agents familiar with the process of buying Destin real estate, we are happy to see you through it!

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