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Keep the Lights On to Conserve Energy…Sometimes

If your parents were anything like mine, then you grew up in a home conscious of energy conservation.  These messages were embedded into our brains via simple four-word phrases, such as “Stop cooling the neighborhood!”, “Quit running the water!”, and “Turn off the lights!” While the ... Read More

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Save Power in your Home Office

Destin, FL homeowners can always benefit from ways to save electricity, and one area of opportunity for huge savings is in a home office.  If you have a home office, then where you are saving on gas you could be losing on electricity if you don’t have an ENERGY-STAR computer and/or laptop. ENERG... Read More

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Solar Water Heaters

When it comes to energy efficiency through solar power, Destin, FL homes have a huge advantage.  Being in a sunny climate year round offers many more opportunities than are available in other parts of the country.  One of these opportunities is a solar water heater. On average, a solar water he... Read More

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Cool Roofs on Destin, FL Homes

Last week, I wrote about the benefits of landscape shading for Destin, FL homes.  This week, I’m going to focus on cool roofs. Satisfying both meanings of the word “cool”, these roofs combine hip with energy efficiency.  A cool roof reflects the sunlight and absorbs less heat - also know... Read More

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