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Real Estate Mortgage Rates

Over the years, the real estate market has been categorized by historically low mortgage rates. These lower rates combined with federal stimulus packages have allowed first-time home buyers to become first time homeowners and existing owners to increase their inventory of Northwest Florida real esta... Read More

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How to Buy a Foreclosure

As the Northwest Florida real estate market continues to show marked improvement, you can expect to see a few things. Among these include, higher home prices, more lenient lenders and fewer foreclosures. While fewer foreclosures are signs of a healthy economy, it is not always great for buyers on a ... Read More

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How to Sell an Older Home

No home for sale is ever perfect, but to be completely honest, some are in better shape than others. Those are the ones first-time homebuyers think that they are after. The “new homes that have it all.” At least, that is what sellers with older homes are led to believe. The truth of the matter i... Read More

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What Homebuyers Want

With the real estate market in the midst of recovery, all signs point to the big picture. That is, rising prices and an overall decrease in inventory which further indicates a seller-favored market. That said, you may be asking yourself, what better time than now to sell my Northwest Florida real es... Read More

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Refinancing vs. Prepaying

Is there a difference between making extra mortgage payments and refinancing your home? Determining that depends primarily on your individual situation. However, understanding the differences will help in your decision process. Prepaying your mortgage typically requires you pay a little extra on yo... Read More

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A Driveway with Lasting Appeal

First appearances mean a lot. When it comes to your home, the same holds true. Leading into your home is your driveway; a HUGE chunk of your drive-by view is all to often clouded with cracked cement and weeds. If that is the case with your driveway it may be time to consider the different ways to d... Read More

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Recovering Your Lawn After the Freeze

The wicked weather has made for an interesting week. As Destin homeowners we know you have had to take precautions to protect your home, pets and keep the family warm. Now that things are getting back to normal, it's time to assess the damages, if any. If you prepared your home for the deep freeze ... Read More

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2012 Brings Good News for Florida Real Estate

Florida was one of the worst-hit states when the housing market plummeted.  Foreclosures and short sales became far more common than regular sales, and the rental market became busier than the resale market.  There’s no doubt that the Florida real estate market is due for some relief, and 2012... Read More

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