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2014 Real Estate Recap

Heading into the New Year, we like to look at past Northwest Florida real estate market trends that could impact the future recovery of the housing market. Over the 2014 year, we saw a steady build-up of housing momentum that we would like to see carry over into 2015, but this is dependent on a f... Read More

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Solar Homes on the Emerald Coast

There is no doubt that owning a home on the Gulf Coast can come at steep price when the subject of your electric bill is at hand, especially in the typically warm summer months and our most previous chart topping cold winter. In general, the Sunshine State has one of the highest rates of home ele... Read More

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The Silver Lining to Rising Interest Rates

If you have been following trends in Florida real estate, then you have noticed that mortgage rates have crept up in these past few weeks. Put aside the negative thoughts of “higher rates make home ownership more expensive” or that they have the potential to damage the housing recovery, and star... Read More

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Finding Your Target Market

Any good marketer knows the fundamentals for an effective campaign. One of those is creating an accurate picture of who your consumer is. The real estate industry is no different. We find ourselves asking the same, simple question: Without knowing who we are selling to, how can we sell successfully?... Read More

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Preparing Your Home For Severe Weather

The winter weather has made for an interesting few months here on the Gulf Coast. As Destin homeowners, we know it was a season full of precautions to protect your family and home. Now, the only thing we want to prepare for is warm weather and sunny days spent on the beach. But with summer right ... Read More

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Florida’s Economy Continues Upward Trend

The economy in Florida is continuing to show signs of improvement.  Though these improvements may not be felt by each individual homeowner in the sunshine state just yet, they are a promising indication of what the future holds. Since December 2010, Florida has created 156,800 private sector jobs ... Read More

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Increasing Rents and Low Home Prices Attract Investors

Northwest Florida homes have a lot of desirable qualities, one of which is location along white sandy beaches and cool ocean waters. With this location comes ample opportunity to rent a home to vacationers escaping to the south, or people who wish to relocate to a warmer climate. Either way, rent... Read More

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Financing for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Installations

If you’re one of the many Northwest Florida homeowners who have considered energy efficient upgrades, Green Asset Finance might be able to help you.  This Florida based consulting firm has developed a new loan program offering financing for EERE (Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy) produc... Read More

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2012 Brings Good News for Florida Real Estate

Florida was one of the worst-hit states when the housing market plummeted.  Foreclosures and short sales became far more common than regular sales, and the rental market became busier than the resale market.  There’s no doubt that the Florida real estate market is due for some relief, and 2012... Read More

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DIY Energy Efficient Home Improvements

Upgrading your Northwest Florida home to be more “green” doesn’t have to take a lot of time, or money.  In fact, there are several relatively quick and inexpensive fixes that you can do yourself.  Here’s a short list of minor modifications that you can do in a single weekend. Replace Y... Read More

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