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Smooth Sailing Through a Seller’s Market

If you didn't already know, it's a seller's market. So if your home is listed, you should be halfway headed to the bank, right? Not so fast! It's still possible to squash your own home sale. There are plenty of things you should do, and avoid for smooth sailing when it comes to selling your Destin r... Read More

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Sprucing Up Your Curb Appeal

The majority of people shopping for homes for sale in Destin begin the process online. You know what that means: they're looking at pictures. Good photos and curb appeal will help to entice buyers to check out your home in person so it is important you make a good first impression. We know what y... Read More

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Building Equity in Your Home

"How much is my home worth?" This is a question that Northwest Florida real estate agents are often asked. How that's determined is one thing, but how can you increase the value and build equity in your home is another. It's not an exact science, but professionals in the industry will tell you th... Read More

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