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Finding the Right Home Online

Thinking about buying a new home or condo? If so, we can guess how that search will begin... Googling "homes for sale in Destin, Florida," with a price range likely to follow. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you may be surprised by the number of listings that appear. To help streaml... Read More

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RE/MAX Real Estate Market Update

Curious as to what the status of the Florida Housing Market is looking like these days? Well, we have some insight for you. RE/MAX recently released their May 2015 National Housing Report and from our view, the numbers look good. Both home sales and prices are on the rise. In fact, transactions a... Read More

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The Silver Lining to Rising Interest Rates

If you have been following trends in Florida real estate, then you have noticed that mortgage rates have crept up in these past few weeks. Put aside the negative thoughts of “higher rates make home ownership more expensive” or that they have the potential to damage the housing recovery, and star... Read More

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What to Remember When Buying A Home

Whether you are buying your first home in Destin or getting ready to make your next of many investments there are some key real estate basics you need to keep in mind. As agents at RE/MAX Southern Realty we’ve seen it all and forgetting the little details can have major impacts on your buy... Read More

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Love Your Northwest Florida Home

Let's be frank - homes are expensive. They are a major investment. They are where you will spend an immense portion of your time. You should be totally and completely in love with a house, your future home, before you sign on the dotted line. For some homebuyers it's a feeling they get when they wa... Read More

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