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Solar Homes on the Emerald Coast

There is no doubt that owning a home on the Gulf Coast can come at steep price when the subject of your electric bill is at hand, especially in the typically warm summer months and our most previous chart topping cold winter.

In general, the Sunshine State has one of the highest rates of home electricity consumption, due in no small part to our need for air conditioning. What does this mean for your Emerald Coast investment property? Well, depending on your location, more specifically your proximity to trees and buildings, solar energy can be an excellent resource harnessed towards an overall lower electric bill.

Solar energy may be a thought worth exploring when it comes to investing in your Northwest Florida home. There are three popular types of systems that can be used to benefit a homeowner. The first is the Photovoltaic (PV) which essentially generates electricity. The second is a solar hot water heating system which utilizes the sun’s rays to heat house water. Finally, there are solar heating systems specific to swimming pools to help you save a little money and swim year round.

Of course questions of aesthetics and initial costs can be off-putting, but keep in mind that on the Federal level, homeowners can get a Residential Income Tax Credit of 30% of the total cost of an installed system.

Just remember a little preplanning can go a long way in figuring out what works best for your rental property.

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