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Smooth Sailing Through a Seller’s Market

Light Bulb-Switch croppedIf you didn’t already know, it’s a seller’s market. So if your home is listed, you should be halfway headed to the bank, right? Not so fast! It’s still possible to squash your own home sale. There are plenty of things you should do, and avoid for smooth sailing when it comes to selling your Destin real estate.

We said it once, and we’ll say it again – pricing is everything. So many factors go into the initial list price. It’s important not to fall victim to a gigantic payday. Rather we suggest that you price strategically, and your price to sell. Another thing you can do is nab buyers with curb appeal. You don’t have to redo your entire home to draw attention to your listing. Spark buyers interest with a freshly landscaped lawn and tidy house.

Long story short, just because it is a seller’s market doesn’t mean your home will sell itself. Selling your home is never a given, but little things can make a huge difference between something that sits and something that sells. Contact Kerry Veach today to learn more about how to sell your home and land the right buyer.

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