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Signs that a Neighborhood is Safe

Is your Florida neighborhood safe? Information for buying properties in Destin, FloridaMost clients when they are shopping to find homes for sale in Santa Rosa Beach, want to find houses in “safe” neighborhoods. But, how can you really know that a neighborhood is safe?

Sure, you can visit the neighborhood and see what your initial gut reaction is, but wouldn’t you rather use hard evidence when making a decision of this magnitude? Well, if safety is on your “must-have” list, these two things will help you determine exactly how safe the ‘hood is.

(1) Walk the streets on a weekend and talk with the surrounding neighbors. There is no better source as to what is going on than someone who lives there and can speak to the likelihood of something.

(2) Take a good look at the streets, sidewalks and lawns in the area. Usually, you can tell if a resident takes prides in living somewhere. Garbage and lawns are telltale signs of how “cared” for a particular subdivision is.

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