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Selling Your Home This Fall or Winter

iStock_000007175576_LargeWhether your home is currently on the market, or you are teetering with the idea of selling this fall, you should know that it can be very easy to boost a buyer’s impression of your home even as the seasons change.

There’s no need for major overhauls, our job as Destin RE/MAX Agents is to show you the relatively inexpensive ways to make difference.

We all know that fall means shorter days and longer shadows which increases the importance of maximizing light in your home. Replace burnt-out bulbs and schedule showings earlier in the day when the light is stronger. You would be surprised to find the difference a well-lit home can make. Another thing you can do (or continue doing) is maintain that lawn. Rake in the leaves – and the buyers – with a nicely landscaped yard.

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