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Saving Home Energy

Light Bulb-Switch croppedIt looks as though our first taste of winter weather is in store these next coming weeks and that means it is time to prepare your home for below average temperatures.

That is right, break out the blankets and turn on your heaters! Yes, we know that Florida does not usually drop below 50, but necessary precautions to stay warm and save energy still apply to your real estate investments in the Panhandle.

In all honesty, saving energy in your home is not a difficult process. There are some relatively easy and cost efficient ways to heat your home and cool your bills. For instance, consider investing in a programmable thermostat. If you do not already have one, these things will help to automatically adjust your home’s temperature and eliminate the waste that makes up half of your energy bill.

Another little secret that will help keep your piece of Niceville real estate warm, but cut down on costs is sealing air leaks. Homes are rarely air tight, so checking for leaks is a great way to determine where warm air, or cool air in the summer is escaping.

For more tips on how to conserve energy in your home, contact a local RE/MAX Southern agent today.

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