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Save Power in your Home Office

Destin, FL homeowners can always benefit from ways to save electricity, and one area of opportunity for huge savings is in a home office.  If you have a home office, then where you are saving on gas you could be losing on electricity if you don’t have an ENERGY-STAR computer and/or laptop.

ENERGY-STAR equipment uses up to 65 percent less power than older equipment.  In addition to purchasing energy efficient computers, it’s also advisable that you plug these units into a power strip so they can be turned off easily.  Otherwise, they will continue drawing current and wasting electricity (known as “vampire” loads).

One outdated notion is that leaving your desktop computer on is better for the machine, making it last longer.  This was true years ago with larger mainframe computers, but it is not at all the case now.  You can, however, adjust your computer’s power management settings on the cpu and monitor to use less energy while the unit is running.

If you’ll be in the market for a new purchase soon, look at laptops instead of desktop units.  Desktops use considerably more electricity than laptops, and the mobile feature of the laptop means that you are running on battery power instead of your home’s electrical current.  Here’s a helpful tip:  It’s recommended that you only plug your laptop in to charge the battery – not only will this save energy, it will also extend the life of your battery.

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