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Red Flags for Buyers

iStock_000029086022MediumHome buying season is upon us and while some buyers get caught up in the excitement of finding their dream home for sale in Destin, it is important not to overlook the red flags. Red flags are those little things that could potentially cost you in the future.

According to HouseMaster, a home inspection company in Canada and the United States, 40 percent of previously owned homes have at least one defect that could hinder your investment. So, what are you supposed to look for or even consider when shopping for a home?

First, you do not just buy a home, but the neighborhood it is in as well. Neighborhoods are a vital part of the home buying process. Look for trends in the community, such as HOA presence, the condition of other homes on the street and crime rates. These things will further indicate whether or not you are buying in a hot market.

While home inspections are not required when you are buying a home, it is always recommended. An inspection can help shed light on those other red flags that can come with fixer uppers and even “move-in” ready homes.

Do not be overwhelmed with the red flags, our RE/MAX agents in Destin will be happy to help you sift your way through and find the home of your dreams.

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