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Recovering Your Lawn After the Freeze

The wicked weather has made for an interesting week. As Destin homeowners we know you have had to take precautions to protect your home, pets and keep the family warm. Now that things are getting back to normal, it’s time to assess the damages, if any.

If you prepared your home for the deep freeze by leaving your outdoor pipes dripping, winterizing your sprinkler system and prepping your pool, you probably faired okay in the grand scheme of things. Your expensive landscaping? Maybe not. While covering plants is a great idea and a precaution worth taking, many of our Florida plants just aren’t built to withstand the icy temperatures, especially when they last for more than one night. 

Venture outside and begin uncovering your plants and shrubs. Inspect their leaves and stems. Many may have suffered burns from the severe cold. While you may thinking pruning is the way to go, hold off until spring or at least until we are out of deep freeze season. Pruning your plants now could be taking away the protection they have from future cold spells. Instead, water those plants and give them an extra boost with some liquid fertilizer.

Next, take a look at the trees around your Northwest Florida real estate. Look for any unusual splits or cracks that have resulted from the cold weather. If you do find a crack, pull away any loose bark and carefully smooth the edges around the split. This will allow the tree to form a natural callous and protect itself.

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