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Open House Mistakes To Avoid

patioYou’ve been a buyer before, but have you been on the opposing end? If you’re a first time seller, looking to know how to sell your home, you might think that having an Open House is the way to go. Well, don’t be fooled by television shows, hosting an Open House is a lot of work, and isn’t done with the flick of wrist and some magic wands. That said, if you avoid these common pitfalls, having an Open House should run smoothly, and successfully:

1. Leave your pets behind. Letting your pets run free is an easy way to annoy potential buyers who may not like pets.

2. Ignoring your kitchen needs. Put your dishes away (and by away, we don’t mean the sink or dishwasher). People investigate all parts of your home so clean and store everything appropriately.

3. Not maintaining the yard. This one is easy to neglect, but probably the most important to remember. Set the tone early with a well maintained curb.

Learn more about having an open house and how to sell real estate in Destin with the help of RE/MAX Southern Owner/Broker, Kerry Veach.

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