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New Year To Dos for Your New Home

Light Bulb-Switch croppedWith the start of every new year, it is always a good idea to assess your home and its needs. Taking stock of the items that help make your house a home will help guide you to the home improvements that are needed.

While you may agree that this is a good idea, the question remains: Where do I even start? Well, to help give you peace of mind, we have outlined a few major home systems that may be worth evaluating.

Number one, your HVAC system. Owning real estate in Florida means putting these systems to the test. January is a great time to check filters, vacuum vents and de-clog air ducts. While you are perusing around, remember to double check your smoke alarms and test out those ground fault circuits.

Sure, these things can be frustrating, but the important thing to keep in mind is that preventative maintenance saves you money, keeps your home safe and can impact the overall value of your Fort Walton Beach home for sale.

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