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Moving Checklist

Moving to Destin, FL is like a long-term vacation.  However, every move (no matter how desirable the destination) presents challenges.  Fortunately, these challenges can be limited with the proper planning and organization.

  • Sort

Moving provides a great opportunity to start fresh.  The mistake many people make is moving the junk with them.  This can make the move more stressful and overwhelming than it needs to be.  For this reason, I recommend sorting your belongings into three different groups:

  1. Items that can be donated to Goodwill.
  2. Items that are broken or damaged and will go into the trash.
  3. Items that will make the move with you.

If you are having trouble deciding whether or not to keep something, imagine yourself packing it, moving it, unpacking it, and placing it in your new home.  Is it worth the effort?

  • Label

Make sure you categorize your boxes by room and write the appropriate room on each box.  If multiple rooms are being combined into one box, make a general list of items going into the box.  This will make the first morning in your new home easier when you are looking for something specific…like the coffee brewer.

  • Prioritize

When you load items onto the truck, prioritize the boxes by loading the less important items first and the most important items last.  When you unload, you’ll have access to the most important items first.

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