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Landscape Shading Destin Beach Homes

The heat is here, and so is the time to begin thinking about ways to keep your home cool.  Besides cranking the AC to full blast and paying exorbitant electric bills, there are some other ways to help keep your home cool.  One thing homeowners can do to keep their Destin Beach homes cool is known as “landscape shading”.  This requires more effort than the simple press of a button (or push of a lever) on a thermostat, but I believe it is well worth it.

I’m sure you don’t need to be told how simply stepping into some shade on a hot day can make a huge difference.  Your home, of course, is no different.  Landscape shading and evapotranspiration (the process by which a plant actively moves and releases water vapor) can reduce surrounding air temperatures as much as 9° F (5°C).  And because cool air settles near the ground, air temperatures directly under trees can be as much as 25°F (14°C) cooler than air temperatures above nearby blacktop.

Not only is landscape shading a great way to cool your home, it’s also beautiful.  The process can be a little tricky since it requires that you analyze where and when the sun hits the hardest in your yard.  However, once you know that, you can move onto the next step:  figuring out which types of trees and shrubs you will plant.

At this point, it would probably be wise to consult a professional landscaping company (unless, of course, you have a pretty reliable green thumb yourself).  You’ll need to select the right type of tree for Florida climate, as well as a tree that will cover the areas you want shaded.  For example, you may want shade over your home during the hottest time of day, while leaving the pool area exposed.

Done correctly, landscape shading will lower your cooling bill and add beautifully customized curb appeal to your Destin Beach home.

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