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Keep the Lights On to Conserve Energy…Sometimes

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If your parents were anything like mine, then you grew up in a home conscious of energy conservation.  These messages were embedded into our brains via simple four-word phrases, such as “Stop cooling the neighborhood!”, “Quit running the water!”, and “Turn off the lights!”

While the first two are still good practices, the last one might need an upgrade.  As counter intuitive as it may feel, certain light bulbs conserve more energy by being left on.

When your parents were concerned about saving electricity (and money), it was because incandescent lighting was (and is) highly inefficient.  90 percent of energy is emitted as heat, leaving only 10 percent for light.  Halogen lighting is a little more efficient than this, but not nearly as good as CFL’s and LED’s.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting has far more advanced technology than its predecessors.  You can generally extend the life of a CFL bulb by leaving it on, as opposed to simply using it less.  This is because CFL’s use more energy to power up, so just leave the light on if you plan to leave a room for less than fifteen minutes.

Light Emitting Diodes have a completely different set of rules.  These bulbs are unaffected by the number of times switched on and off.  They also reach maximum power almost instantly, unlike other bulbs which have some degree of delay.  However, the lighting capability of LED’s are not as effective as CFL’s.

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