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How to Resolve Humidity Issues in Destin, FL Homes

Due to the location, Destin, FL homes are some of the most desirable in the nation.  However, there are unique challenges homes is a warm climate face with respect to indoor air quality.

Newer homes, especially, are built to be air tight.  This is great for not allowing cool air to escape, but the problem is moisture can’t escape either.  As the moisture becomes trapped in the home, mold grows – and we all know what kind of a hazard mold poses.

John Jordan of Jordan Air Enterprises Inc. – 2012 recipient of the “Finest on the Emerald Coast” award in Heating & Air Conditioning/Home Repair – offers a couple of solutions to control indoor moisture.

“I’m familiar with the challenges that this area faces with indoor environment control. Gaining control over rampant indoor moisture is a passion of mine,” he said. “In the South, we deal with high humidity.”  He goes on to explain one possible solution:  “It is central dehumidification just like your air conditioner.  It drains automatically, and you’re not tied to emptying the bucket. It is tied to the existing drain system.”

The humidity inside of Destin, FL homes becomes particularly high in the fall, winter, and spring seasons because air conditioning units generally don’t run long enough to completely dry the air.  For homeowners who are out of their homes for the majority of the day, he recommends the Ecobee thermostat system.  This systems gives homeowners the ability to monitor temperature levels and adjust settings from a smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.  This system will also send an email alert if it detects a problem.

For more home improvement and energy saving tips, visit the Veach View Blog by Kerry Veach.  Kerry is a Destin, FL Realtor and Real Estate Broker with 22 years of experience assisting thousands in the exciting process of buying and/or selling a home.   He is a member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, the RE/MAX Platinum Club, and the RE/MAX® 100% CLUB.  In 2011, he earned the RE/Max Lifetime Achievement Award.

If you would like to buy a home in Destin, FL or sell a home in Destin, FL, contact Kerry Veach.  With over 1,000 closings and thousands of satisfied clients, it’s no wonder that 95% of Kerry’s business comes from referrals.


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