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How to Prepare Destin FL Homes for a Blackout

With Hurricane Isaac having passed, I’d like to take this opportunity to help residents prepare their Destin homes for a blackout in the future.

  • Flashlights

Keep plenty on hand…ideally one in every room.  This is a MUCH safer alternative to candles.

  • Batteries

Those flashlights won’t do a lot of good without any batteries.

  • Bottled water

In the event you lose your running water, you’ll be happy to have gallons of water on hand.

  • Ice

Keep bags of ice in a freezer so that when the power goes out, you can transfer this ice and food into coolers

  • Coolers

Speaking of coolers, have plenty of those on hand too.  The cheap, styrofoam coolers will work just fine.

  • Emergency Numbers

Make sure all of your emergency numbers are accessible so that, if needed, you can call from your cell phone.

  • Car and USB chargers

If you have a garage and a car that will charge even when off, have a car charger on hand to charge your cell phone.  If not, use a USB to charge your phone on your laptop (for the time that your laptop holds a charge).

  • First Aid Kit

Make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked and easily accessible.

  • Back-up generator

Ideally, this is a great thing to have.  However, it may not be enough to power your home in severe weather, so don’t develop a false sense of security if you own one.  Make sure you still prepare using the above bullet points.

From one Destin, FL resident to another…stay safe out there!

These tips have been provided by Kerry Veach.  Kerry is an experienced Realtor who can help you buy or sell Destin, FL real estate.  With over 1,000 closings and a full-time real estate team, it’s no wonder that 95% of Kerry’s business comes from referrals.






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