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Give A Birthday

Birthdays are a very big deal to most people. They allow us to celebrate out life and the lives of loved ones with cake, good cheer and, usually, presents. But birthdays are an even bigger deal when you’re a kid. That’s why we found it astonishing and heartwarming when we learned of a local program that allows others to “give a birthday”, and that we knew an awesome young lady who was giving hers.

The Give A Birthday program was started by a local little boy on his sixth birthday. Yes, you read that correctly. This little boy, Landon, was asked what he wanted for his birthday. Realizing he already had so much, he asked for money – and then donated it to the local Children In Crisis, The Children’s Neighborhood. Landon has done much to raise awareness for his program and the Change for Children Campaign is becoming wildly popular in our local schools.

So popular, in fact, that we know a special young lady who just recently gave for her birthday. If you have walked in the doors of RE/MAX Southern’s Destin location or called us up, odds are you have spoken to Mandy. Her daughter, Alyssa, just recently donated $320 to CIC, The Children’s Neighborhood to celebrate her birthday.

Way to go, Alyssa! We are proud to have you as a part of the extended Southern family and happy birthday!

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