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Financing for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Installations

If you’re one of the many Northwest Florida homeowners who have considered energy efficient upgrades, Green Asset Finance might be able to help you.  This Florida based consulting firm has developed a new loan program offering financing for EERE (Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy) products.  This program extends to both contractors and residents.  There is no maximum loan amount or hidden fees, and rates are competitive with flexible terms.

The best form of renewable energy that we have in Florida is solar energy.  You can use this energy to generate electricity, heat water in your home or pool, and light your home both indoors and outdoors.

Another great renewable energy source is wind energy.  You can generate your own electricity if you live on at least one acre of land that has ample wind resource using a small wind electric system.  You could even use a small wind turbine for pumping water.

If you are looking for simpler products, you should consider energy efficient home appliances.  These include clothes washers and dryers, computers, dishwashers, home audio equipment, refrigerators and freezers, room air conditioners, televisions, DVD players, and water heaters.  When you’re shopping for appliances, make sure you look for the ENERGY STAR label.  These products must adhere to strict guidelines established by the US Department of Energy and US Environmental Protection Agency.

If you’re not sure which direction to go and would appreciate the assistance of a professional, you can have a home energy assessment conducted.  This will determine how much energy your home consumes, and what changes can be made to improve your home’s energy efficiency.  The auditor will do a thorough inspection of each room, the exterior, and an examination of past utility bills.  Your local government agency or weatherization center should be able to provide a list of professional energy auditors.

The Destin, Florida area provides a great deal of “green” opportunity.  Whether you are interested in buying or selling your home here, contact Kerry Veach – Northwest Florida’s Real Estate Specialist.

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