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Fall in Love with Real Estate

After the housing market crash in 2008, there is no argument that real estate pendulum swung Americans off of their feet and challenged their love for such investments. That said, as the market continues to rebound, many buyers may find themselves off of the sidelines and back in the game.

According to Bloomberg, this year’s top investment strategy revolves around real estate. What does this mean for real estate in Destin, South Walton and the rest of the panhandle? In short, prices are on the rise.

Commercial property values have risen dramatically; as much as 71% in certain areas according to the Bloomberg article. Prices have also risen in residential real estate. In a recent survey released by the National Association of Realtors®, Florida home sales alone are predicted to increase over 5% in the next 12 months.

So, how does one fall in love with real estate when prices are on the rise? Projected price increases do not always correlate with deals. Those perfect homes at an affordable price still exist, and with mortgage rates at an all time low it is still a great time to invest in real estate.

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