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Energy Saving Tips for Destin, FL Homes

In the spirit of the season, released energy saving tips throughout December.  Here’s a recap of the tips that will benefit Destin, FL homes:

  •  Home Energy Audit

You can do this yourself or hire a professional.  Either way, walk through your home and take note of energy wasters, like air leaks and drafts.  Don’t neglect the attic and garage.  These areas tend to be the biggest culprits.

  • Lighten Your Carload

Did you know that an extra 100 pounds in your car could increase the amount you spend on gas by 0.08/gallon?  All the more reason to travel light!

  • Power Strips

Phantom loads – leaking electricity caused electrical appliances that are switched off but still drawing current – cost Americans an average of $100/year.

  • Timers

Install a light timer to automatically shut your lights off during the day.  While you’re at it, you may also want to get a timed thermostat to adjust the temperature during the day as well.

  • LED’s

LED’s are not only more energy efficient, there are also much less expensive than traditional incandescent lights.

  • Kitchen

By simply using the right sized burners for your cookware, you can save $36/year with an electric unit or $16/year with gas.

  • Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are more cost efficient and eco-friendly than disposable batteries.

  • Energy Star

Look for the Energy Star label when shopping for electronics.  An Energy Star computer can save 30-60 percent more electricity than a standard computer.

  • Sunlight

Here in Destin, FL we have the best renewable energy there is – the sun!

  • Windows

Energy efficient windows can add up to big savings by reducing air leakage.

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