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Does Your Realtor Have What it Takes?

How do you find a realtor? Do you Google someone? Take recommendations from social media?  What if you could evaluate a potential real estate agent’s success based on research-backed qualities? Turns out, you can.

Being the best realtor in Destin requires certain qualities. Real estate is about more than just list prices and showings.  To successfully help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals, a realtor has to be proficient in these three areas, according to the real estate experts at Inman.

  1. Communication

Good realtors listen to their clients’ requests. Then, they confirm and organize a reasonable plan of action to achieve them.  In the real estate market, poor communication can cost you, literally. Tell your agent your preferred method of communication and the best ones will make every effort to stick to it. They’ll be brief, specific, and responsive. You won’t find an agent more down-to-Earth and considerate of your requests than Kerry Veach. His attention to detailed communication is why he’s been inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and given the Lifetime Achievement Award.

  1. Community Involvement

    Kerry Veach is involved with numerous community and state organizations.

    RE/MAX Southern Broker/Owner Kerry Veach is an active member of the Coastal Conservation Association.

Highly successful realtors are involved in their communities. How else are they going to know where a new park is opening or a new school is breaking ground? This is the type of information a real estate agent needs to know to help clients choose the best possible property.  Productive realtors are often spotted at chamber meetings and community service functions, giving back to the places they serve. Kerry Veach is directly involved in more than six community organizations, including Children’s Miracle Network, Coastal Conservation Association, and the Waterfront Mission.

  1. Follow up

At the heart of real estate is relationship building. That means efficient realtors follow up with their clients even after a deal is closed. This usually involves email, direct mail, or phone calls, especially during holidays or on birthdays. Great realtors nurture relationships, not just deals. Kerry Veach’s ability to build relationships is why he’s been in business for more than 20 years on the Emerald Coast.

When you’re looking for a realtor in Destin, choose one who has all three qualities needed for success. Kerry Veach has served the Destin area as a licensed real estate broker since 1988 and garnered more than $100 million in sales. Call or email today to see what he can do for you!


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