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Destin Fishing Rodeo

DSC00896Did you recently purchase real estate in Destin? If so, get ready to experience one of the biggest events along the Gulf Coast. The Destin Fishing Rodeo is about to kick off!

The Destin Fishing Rodeo is an annual event that draws both locals and visitors to our shores, even those who do not fish. It’s a celebration of this little town’s heritage. Once known only as a fishing village, the docks on the Destin harbor are the foundation of this now popular vacation destination.

The rodeo takes place for one solid month, October 1-31, and starts with the Destin Seafood Festival. Head down to HarborWalk Village and the Destin Harbor for three days of seafood, music and vendors before climbing aboard your boat, or a local charter, and heading out to sea. To participate, just reserve your spot aboard a registered charter.

If you don’t fish, you can still have fun! The weigh-ins, which take place each evening near AJ’s restaurant, are one of the best things about the rodeo. Head out each afternoon, stake a place near the weigh station and grab a drink and a snack. You won’t want to miss it as each boat pulls to shore and shows off their haul!

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