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Destin Fishing Rodeo – Update

It’s been a heck of Destin Fishing Rodeo so far in 2013 and things are just heating up! The docks of Destin have seen some amazing catches and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the month has in store.

If you live, work or play near the Destin Harbor, pop over the docks for a post-work or play appetizer at one of the local area restaurants and watch as the boats come to shore. This event truly embodies what our area is about so, even if you don’t fish, you are sure to get caught up in the spirit of the rodeo.

This week locals and visitors alike got a treat when two amazing catches came to shore. The first was a 50 pound Amberjack. We cannot imagine the strength and stamina this angler had to have to bring that monster into the boat. Speaking of strength, the next catch to come in at the weigh-in also caused quite a stir. The 83.4 pound Cubera Snapper was incredibly impressive. You can check out pictures of both on our Destin, Florida Facebook.

If you’ve never been down for the weigh-ins, head out and enjoy it this October. If nothing else, it’s a great reason to relax and enjoy this incredible Gulf Coast weather we are experiencing along the beaches!

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