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Condos vs. Homes

Windmark Beach Chairs BREOne man’s treasure is another man’s junk, right? The age-old saying comes into play in the real estate world as well. Take for instance, a well manicured lawn. You may love putting the time and effort into you yard, but your neighbor may struggle to keep up with the mowing, feeding, watering and weeding.

This all boils down to one simple question: would you prefer to buy a single-family home or a condo for sale in Destin?

Condos are cheaper than single-family homes and require less maintenance but what about appreciation values and HOA fees? Frankly, there is no right answer, just a matter of preference. However, there are some things you can look for, or even ask to help you decide.

For instance, monthly fees. Look to see what all is included, from HOA fees to separate maintenance bills and property taxes, these things will vary from place to place so it is important to know what you are paying for and how quickly that price can change.

Once you have determined that inquire about the level of privacy and regulations. If you have any lingering questions, consider calling a RE/MAX Southern agent who can help you make an informed decision and guide you through your Destin property search process.

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