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Buying a Vacation Home in Destin

If you find yourself in the market to buy a second home or investment property, you may want to consider adding Destin, Florida real estate to your shopping list. Reason number one is because the area is as beautiful as the homes. There’s that and the fact that TripAdvisor just named to the top of its “13 Destinations with Top Earning Potential for Homeowners” list.

Released earlier this month, the info-graphic compares different vacation rental destinations based on traveler interest and potential rental income. Destin out beat competitors like Myrtle Beach and Key West with astonishing numbers. Traveler interest alone was 70 times more than the U.S. average, and weekly earning potential was at $1,093.16. The number two destination on the list didn’t even come close with earning potential hovering around $762.80.

The bottom line is if you own an investment property on the Emerald Coast, you shouldn’t have trouble finding paying guests. Just ask our Destin property management companies – Southern Vacation Rentals and Southern Residential Leasing. We can show you the house, they can show you the income potential.

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