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Attend the Destin Seafood Festival!

logodsf-e1442334069459Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. The 37th Annual Destin Seafood Festival kicks off in just a few hours, and needless to say we are oozing with excitement.

For those of you who do not know, the Seafood Festival is a local’s favorite when it comes to naming and attending fall events. From the vendors and the food to the live music, it’s hard to find anything else that really compares. This year, everyone is invited to hit the harbor around 4pm for the kick off. Be sure to come back Saturday at 10am and Sunday at 11am for seconds (or thirds!). Don’t worry too much about the kids, not only is this event family-friendly, but there will be Kids Fun Zones set up at East Pass Marina and Harborwalk Village.

We hope you can all carve a little time out of your schedule, save the showings of Destin real estate opportunities for Monday and attend an event  that strengthens our community. Who knows? Maybe this year will surpass the 70,000 guests in three-days mark!

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