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Arbor Lake Townhomes in Crestview

Buying commercial real estate in Crestview is a natural progression for many investors – and for a good reason. To put it simply, you can manage a lot more apartments, townhomes and offices than you can manage residential homes. It’s a basic economy of scale theory. But rather than diving too far into the potential net operating income, let us show you an opportunity that just makes sense: Arbor Lake Townhomes.

A recent development in Crestview, Arbor Lake Townhomes consists of 24 completed two bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom townhomes that sit on 14 acres of prime real estate. The venue offers residents high-end homes with luxurious on-site amenities, including on-site walking trails, fish pond and saltwater pool. And while renters benefit from those sought-after features, potential commercial real estate developers have the opportunity to expand the development and grow the rental income.

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