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A Driveway with Lasting Appeal

First appearances mean a lot. When it comes to your home, the same holds true. Leading into your home is your driveway; a HUGE chunk of your drive-by view is all to often clouded with cracked cement and weeds.

If that is the case with your driveway it may be time to consider the different ways to design one with some curb appeal. While a brick driveway may be a good choice for a colonial style home, you need to consider, not only what you can afford, but the style that is best suited for your home.

In budgeting for that lasting curb appeal, keep in mind the long-term costs associated with each type of path that can be created. Often, relatively high upfront costs result in lower maintenance in the long run.

Other things to remember include climate, durability and layout. What kind of traffic will your driveway experience, and for that matter will it survive the weather? How long are you expecting your new driveway to last? All can impact the image and effectiveness of your entryway.

Whatever materials you end up choosing, a key thing to remember is that the grade is right. You definitely do not want to step into a puddle every time you park.

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