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2015 Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival!

events in Fort Walton Beach Florida near our properties for sale and vacation rentalsDid you recently purchase real estate in Fort Walton Beach, Florida? Well you did so just in time for the annual Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival!

This 60-year-old tradition on the Gulf Coast is set to kick off this weekend as Billy and his crew set out to capture the fair city of Fort Walton Beach.

Parts of the festival kicked off last night with an adult pub crawl through downtown and a pirate walk for the children. Don’t worry though, the fun has just begun! Tonight, be sure to head to The Landing as Billy makes his first attempt to take the city. After you’ll undoubtedly enjoy a live music performance by Heritage and fireworks to follow.

On Saturday, Billy Bowlegs and his crew will try yet again to take the city so you better be at The Landing to protect it. And, just when you thought it was over, you’ll want to line the streets on Monday for the annual Torchlight Parade where floats go by and candy is thrown. We hope to see you all there!

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